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10 Reasons You’re Still Tired

You went to bed at a reasonable time (because you’re good at Adulting), you woke up when your alarm went off and yet somehow, you’re still exhausted. Not fair. If you’re having difficulty getting to sleep at night and then are spending the next totally tired, you may need to check out these reasons why:

Just One More Episode

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It’s way past your bedtime but this show is just oh-so-good. Just one more episode and then you’ll go to bed…but oh, this cliffhanger! You have to know what happens next. Just one more and you mean it this time…

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. TV streaming services may have filled our lives with the joys of on-demand amazing shows, but it’s come at a price. No longer do we switch off the living room TV and head for bed but we’re now watching TV in bed. And it’s hard to switch off.

A study in 2017 found that all the binge-watching can be directly linked to worse sleep and insomnia. It’s due to the pre-sleep cognitive arousal which disrupts the natural transition into sleeping. In other words, you aren’t letting your body go to sleep in the right way, leaving you feel tired and groggy the next day.