15 Meals That Give Aphrodisiac Feels


If your libido could do with a lift, you may want to look in your fridge for the answer. The science behind foods acting as an aphrodisiac is well-known but many of us still struggle to know exactly which foods are best. So, if you want to work up an appetite in the bedroom, try cooking up a storm in the kitchen first, with our list of 15 fabulous foods that will get you in the mood.

Spicy Chili Salad

Turn up the heat in your mouth -and your bedroom- with this simple dish. The compound capsaicin found in chillies producing effects that mimic sexual arousal, such as a release of endorphins and a raised body temperature.

Chilies can be added to any salad recipe you prefer, but we recommend mixing with spinach, olives and goat cheese for a yummy light lunch or side dish.


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