15 Awesome Weight Exercises - Exercise And Get Toned At Home!

15 Awesome Weight Exercises – Get Toned At Home!

Anyone who wants to get a little bit in shape knows the satisfaction of doing just that little bit of work towards enjoying a healthier and fitter body. The thing is, we don’t always have the time or money to go to the gym. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to stop us from getting fitter and exercise in our very own living room.

Always make sure you’re warmed up and are well-hydrated before exercising. Remember that as little as five minutes a day on a regular basis can make a huge difference, over time. So here we go… Here are 15 body weight exercises that will leave you feeling pumped and looking like a bombshell.

The Plank

Woman doing plank pose in her living room.
Plank Pose. Source – health.harvard.edu

The plank is a brilliant way to tone your body without taking a lot of time out of your busy day to do it. Just five minutes will significantly increase tone in your core, your thighs muscles, and your arms. -Just make sure to keep your back straight.