Wedding Hairstyles - Top 16 Styles for Short and Long Hair

Wedding Hairstyles- Top 16 for Short and Long Hair

You’ll definitely want to take a try on these hairstyles.

Between pixies, bobs, lobs and locks, the on-trend wedding hairstyles options for both short and long hair are endless.

The bridal hairstyle for short hair includes up dos, glamorous curls and use of hair accessories like-flower crowns and jeweled bands. While for the long ones, braids and loose locks always work in your favor. So whether you have short locks or long wavy hair, we’ve jotted down top 16 hairstyles just for you.

Side Parted Curls

side part curls

Side part curls are the simplest way to add both drama and glamour to your look. With this hairstyle, you can highlight your veil, side part and makeup.