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19 Celebrity Stories Who Battled Cancer and Inspired Patients Worldwide

Out of difficulties grow miracles. – Jean De La Breyere

Isn’t that saying just so true? Sometimes a little hope for a miracle is all we need to fight the difficulties life throws at us. So today, we’ll introduce you to some special Celebrities Stories who are spreading hope among patients suffering from cancer. These celebrity cancer patients chose to inspire others suffering from the disease by talking about their battle and triumph over this horrible disease. You’ll be surprised to know who #7 is.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson

Betty Johnson was 57 years old when a stomach-dropping moment of discovering a concerning lump of mass leads her to a clinic. Johnson has always been known as an open book; a spunky extrovert who is often loud and unfiltered. Now, she is not only outspoken about her struggle but is also determined to raise funds for Breast cancer awareness.