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25 Utterly Rude Things People Do At Weddings!

Nobody is ever brushed up on all the rules and regulations of the weddings. However, there is some faux pas like don’t bring a crying baby or never be late, that guests should keep in mind. Weddings are to cherish, but there are always one (two) guests who convert blissful marriage to rude wedding moments.

Well, bride and groom have spent months in planning their special occasion. They want their wedding to go off without a hitch, so if you are new in this wedding thing or you are soon going to attend the ceremonies, there are things you should avoid.

Twining With The Bride? Really!

Twining with bride

Do not outshine the bride! It’s her day, let her be the glam girl. Avoid white unless she allows you to wear. There are other beautiful dresses to choose from, pick your favorite; but NO WHITES!