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Beauty Habits Men Surprisingly Find Unattractive

Beauty can be an extremely subjective thing. While women always¬† want to know what they can do to look more attractive, some of the beauty trends that are popular can surprisingly be unattractive to men. There are a few beauty fads and habits you can avoid that men find less attractive than others, and we’ll look at 10 of them in this article.

Strong Perfume

A woman sprays perfumes on herself to adhere to a beauty standard.

This one may seem the most surprising, possibly because it’s a generally understood notion that smelling good is attractive. If you want to catch a guy’s attention, picking out a sweet perfume might just do the trick. Unfortunately, though, too much fragrance or perfume can be a little offsetting. If you wear too much of a fragrance that is particularly musky or pungent, men may find this hard to be around simply because it’s hard to breathe around. Stick to something simple. Keep reading to find out what else men surprisingly find unattractive.