Turned 40? Here Are The Essential Vitamins You Require After That Age!

So, have you turned 40?

Have you been feeling tired all the time? Are those line, freckles and wrinkles more prominent than before?  Moreover, have you also started to feel pain in joints? If you are answering a ‘Yes’ to these questions, its high time you include some essential Vitamins supplements in your body.

Aging is inevitable, and it is best to take care of self before it’s too late. Here are the top 10 vital vitamins that you require after the age of 40.

Calcium Vitamins

Calcium-Essential Vitamin

Calcium is the go-to vitamin supplement for women who are over 40.

It is said that proper intake of Calcium prevents fractures in both men and women and also significantly reduces the risk of bone problems. Though Calcium is mostly absorbed before the age of 30, it still plays an important role in maintaining the bone health.

But remember not take Calcium with caffeine or iron as they may halter the overall absorption of the nutrient.