Fifteen most adorable moments between celeb Dads and their kids

Fifteen Most Adorable Moments Between Celeb Dads And Their Kids

Is there anything more manly than being a dad? We don’t think so. Giving all your love and taking care of someone makes men really hot. And cute. But these come hand in hand right?

School runs and changing diapers are moments happen to all of us – even those of us with six-figure careers. Being a celeb Dad doesn’t make these special moments between father and child any less special. Here we have fifteen of the cutest, most touching human moments captured on camera between these famous parents and their kids.

Mark Wahlberg & Daughter Ella Rae

Mark Wahlberg goes shopping with his daughter.

Mark holds his daughter Ella’s hand tenderly as they are strolling on the streets of California. Mark is always loving and protective of his only daughter and it can clearly be seen here through the ease they have with each other.