Fifteen Stretches That Will Make You Feel Healthier... Instantly!

Fifteen Stretches That Will Make You Feel Healthier… Instantly!

Stretches are an essential part of any work out. If you train more than once a week, you will know that getting a good warm up before hand (as well as warming down) is essential when caring for your body. This extra attention, along with a healthy diet, means that you can bounce out of bed everyday with the same stamina as yesterday.

Stretching can also be good for your posture so you look your best and most confident self. It can also improve your circulation and be a refreshing change for any body that has been crumpled up in front of a computer all day.

Standing hamstring stretch

Hamstring stretch.
Hamstring stretch. Source –

This is where you stretch the hamstrings by bending over and touching your toes or the back of your legs. Make sure that your legs are straight and your feet are together for this stretch, and that you don’t bend your knees. This stretches hamstrings, glutes, neck, back and calves.