Makeup, Some Celebrity Beauty Secrets All Women Should Know About

Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Makeup, one of the routines almost all women have on a daily basis. Every morning we wake up and start off our day in a similar way. However, there might be an easier way to look good for your new profile pictures. These are the best kept celebrity makeup secrets all women should know about.

#1 Celebrity Beauty Secret – It’s Not Makeup!

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Celebrity makeup artists have tried every fad, trend and product to help the stars look amazing. We interviewed a top Hollywood makeup artist and celeb beauty consultant (we vowed to keep his name under wraps) and begged for the juicy details to get us a star beauty routine. You’ll never guess what we found out.

Tell us a beauty secret we don’t know!

“All celebrities use Facetune 2, even if they’ll never admit it. Every Insta pic you see has been through some smoothing! It used to be taboo to talk about Facetune in the industry, but since Facetune 2 came out, it’s more of a glamifying tool than anything else.”

“James Charles, who’s probably the hottest makeup guru at the moment, recently admitted his love for the app on YouTube, but beauty influencers  like him are more open about using Facetune to control their look than celebs.”

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