Trump’s Doctor Admits Trump Dictated Own Health Recommendation


In 2005, during the Trump presidency campaign, Donald Trump’s campaign team released a letter that contained a glowing health recommendation from Dr Harold Bornstein.

Now, in a stunning revelation, Dr Bornstein, has admitted that he didn’t write the glowing health recommendation himself. Instead, the letter was dictated to him by Donald Trump himself.

So what was inside the letter and why did Dr Bornstein write it? We investigated and are bringing you the inside scoop with a quick roundup on this breaking news story.

What Did the Letter Say?


Donald Trump medical letter

The letter was supposed to be the result of a medical assessment with Dr Bornstein and was released as part of Trump’s campaign for President. A few weeks before its release the now-President had boasted that the letter would show “perfection” and that he was “fortunate to have been blessed with great genes.”

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