Wife of Late WWII Pilot Discovers Truth after Seven Decades

For seven decades, Peggy Harris has been trying to move on with her life. She has waited and worked each day to get over the disappearance of her beloved husband, Billie.

Peggy and Billie were in love. From the moment they met each, they knew they are “The One” for each other. However, destiny had some other plans for them. After some months of their wedding, Billie was sent off to Europe to fight in the Second World War.

And that was the last day when Peggy ever heard for him.

So, now almost seven decades after marrying who she considered being her love of life, Peggy Harris came to know the truth.

What Happened Seven Decades Ago?

Peggy with her friends

This story began around seven decades ago. Peggy Seale, a small town girl, just graduated from High School as World War II created a storm on the other side of the world. At that time, Peggy also knew that she would also be needed to help out. So, she went to Vernon, Texas and started to work at the Altus Air Force Base as a female mechanic.

And the story just begins!